Immersed in Music, I confine myself to GlassJaw, I breathe the mist of Olivia Lufkin's voice, I scatter myself to the sounds of Bjork, I move my feet to the funky beats that the Red Hot Chili Peppers throw at me. I am one with the melody, I am no fuckin' Buddhist, but this is enlightenment..I am a sugarbloodsucker, a fuckin' animal.


Once you awaken to the power of Persona, you remember everything that happens during the Dark Hour…It’s like trading away your innocence…In exchange for power, you can no longer look away from the things you don’t want to see.

My excitement for this game is limitless…..I can’t imagine the step…I literally can’t…..I just know it will be the most epic step senpai will ever make..